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Welcome to Skyros TV! Here you will find all the most recent videos from your favourite holiday provider. Tune in to for updates from Skyros' renowned facilitators, videos from the lovely Skyros Island and much, much more. 

Come to Atsitsa


Tom Morley leads a version of "Alright Now" with Atsista Bay holiday participants. Tom regularly directs Atsitsa Bay holidays. Take a look at Atsitsa Bay here.


This short film was by a Skyros Centre 2015 participant who attended Kate Daniel's Living Creatively course. 


This short, fun film was shot in Atsitsa Bay, Skyros island in August 2012 during a special workshop called 'video storytelling' offered by Skyros facilitator Andreas Vetsch, film director and yoga teacher. Thanks to all those involved including Helen Mundy for her initial idea and for directing, Lolly Mason for excellent feet acting, Sam Daws for acting as location manager and Lolly's personal coach, Mark Gunston for filming, Anna Warsop for painting, and Andreas for producing and editing.

‘An environment that is supportive, social and, most important, a bloody good laugh.’ Jane Cornwell, The Weekend Australian

Dina Glouberman on Skyros Holidays



Skyros co-founder, Dina Glouberman, shares her views of the leading holistic holiday, Skyros Holidays.

Skyros Holidays: A Glimpse of Atsitsa



'A glimpse of Atsitsa', courtesy of filmmaker Nick Cohen offers an insight into Astitsa daily life, with its stunning scenery and inspiring courses to open the heart, expand the mind and uplift the spirit. If this video strikes a chord with you, join the holidays in Atsitsa from 20 July through until 21 September 2013.

Historical Video, Part 1



Watch part one of this interesting film for an insight into Atsitsa back in 1994. Meet Yannis and Dina, the founders of Skyros. Meet the holiday participants and get a feel for the holiday structure. Yoga, massage, swimming, snorkelling, giggles & great company, all in the stunning, fun and spontaneous environment that has propelled Skyros to becoming the leading holistic holiday of today. If this video strikes a chord with you, you can join Skyros in Atsitsa from 20 July through to 21 September or at The Skyros Centre from 8 June through to 31 August 2013.

Historical Video, Part 2



The historical film continues here for part two, offering a more in-depth look at The Skyros Centre back in 1994. Yannis and Dina, the founders of Skyros, help us to understand the ethos behind the personal development courses that have led to the renowned Life Choicesand Writers' Lab programmes available today.

Alison Goldie



Alison Goldie shares her personal views about Skyros Holidays, the leading alternative holiday company - 'The first and still the best', according to The Guardian.

Alison will be facilitating for Skyros in Atsitsa this Summer and she has a wealth of experience, teaching improvisation, drama and comedy for over 20 years. She is the founder of the Wierd Sisters theatre company and she is also a TV presenter.

The Greek Escape - Part One



A fun film filmed on location in Skyros Island by facilitators Mark Gunston and Richard Lewis, because sometimes being silly is the best of fun. 

The Greek Escape - Part Two



The silliness continues in Atsitsa Bay, Skyros Island. This film was shot on location in Atsitsa Bay and features both facilitators and participants. . . 

Skyros-in-Cuba 2012



Take a look at this lovely film put together by film-maker Julian Doyle of Monty Python fame. It's from the Skyros holiday in Cuba last November. It gives you a glimpse of Havana, one of the most diverse and unique cities in the Americas. 

Christmas at The Grange



Skyros holiday participants celebrate Christmas at The Grange. Just 2.5 hours from London, on the east coast of the Isle of Wight, the Grange offers weekend courses, B&B and Special Events.

Ken Eyerman



Skyros facilitator Ken Eyerman has taught yoga and bodywork for 30 years and directs his own training programme. Here he talks a little about his own style of yoga. Filmed in the gardens of The Grange by the Sea on the Isle of Wight.

Join Ken for his Yoga course 'Yoga with Awareness' in Atsitsa Bay and do something good for yourself. For more details visit the Atsitsa Bay programmes and prices page>

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