Activities Holiday

peppy, brisk, vivacious

Skyros has a wide range of activities and our holidays can be as active as they are holistic. It is the perfect place to expand your skills and try something new. With fantastic facilitators who can tailor their teaching to individuals, you can be comfortable knowing you're in the hands of professionals at the forefront of their career. Start your brand new hobby in Atsitsa and allow it to change your life when you take it home.

See below the variety of activity holidays we have available. In Atsitsa Bay, choose up to three activities a day. Join in as much or as little as you like. You will gain the most by attending all the activity course sessions but if you would like to sunbathe with a cocktail and a book, we most certainly won't stop you!

‘You can take a writing course, something much more wild and wacky which will change your life or just relax.’ Andrew Davies, Evening Standard





Music & Singing

Theatre - Comedy

Photography - Filming



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