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The Art Studio - call us now on 01983 865566 for more information.

Skyros has run art courses very often in the past, but always as part of a much broader programme of activities. These courses, if one is to judge by the passion and the commitment demonstrated by all people involved, have been hugely successful. This year, however, the art courses will sail under their own flag, and the Skyros Art Studio will join the other two Skyros Centre vessels: The Writers’ Lab and the Life Choices programme.

The project is truly exciting as both beginners and those who would like to develop their skills further will be embarking on an inspirational journey through the picturesque Skyros village, the beach, its ancient sites, the colourful countryside and also their own inner landscapes. And all this in the company of very friendly people ready to share experiences, views and ideas and with the help of our highly qualified and professional teachers who will offer support both within the group and individually. It is a dream coming true.

Skyros Village offers a visual environment of inspiring beauty, and a huge variety of subject matter to explore, from expansive panoramas of sea and sky to intimate winding lanes and courtyards; and from the activity of the village and the beach to the tiny worlds of flowers, foliage and insects.  

In this setting, participants will be able to explore image making from a wide variety of angles, whether capturing a fleeting moment of life in the street, taking time to trace the intricacies of a leaf, or exploring colour and line as a language for feelings, dreams and the imagination.

Whilst the visual arts harness spontaneity, expression, improvisation and risk-taking, they also rely on a foundation of teachable skills which, once acquired, are the source of confidence and the freedom to play. These skills include: learning to trust the eyes rather than relying on what the mind already ‘knows’ about what’s there; learning to record a three-dimensional world in two dimensions; exploring the effects of composition and colour; and finding the riches in ‘error’ and accident.   

Skyros Art Studio facilitators will support participants in consolidating these foundations and enlarging their knowledge of materials and techniques in the service of extended creative freedom and enjoyment, using a variety of materials including pencil, pen and ink, watercolours and gouache.

In some of the courses the subject is photography. The focus here will be on practical photography, underpinned by technical and aesthetic exercises, assignments and projects. Feedback and support will be vital parts of the creative process and sessions will include time to review approach, technique and image. Make sure you bring your own digital camera to maximize familiarisation with its functionality.

All courses are suitable for all levels of experience and ability from the absolute beginner to the more experienced artist. Materials will be provided, but course participants may want to bring with them sketchbooks, pencils and a sharpener, mixing palette, brushes, their preferred paints, canvases or paper and their digital camera. Do not forget an old shirt or apron plus sturdy shoes, hat and plenty of suntan lotion!

Read on for more information on the Art Studio

Call us on 01983 865566 or click here to book.

The Art Studio

If you haven’t tried your hand before, Skyros is a great place to make new inroads into the world of art, the universal language of the heart.