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What's included in my holiday at the Skyros Centre?

  • Firstly, choose either the Writers' Lab (WL) OR the Health & Wellbeing (HW) programme in advance
  • Book a two week holiday and move to a different programme in the second week subject to availability
  • Your course takes place five days per week for three hours per day
  • In addition, the listed music, singing and arts courses are open to all for four afternoons, usually 6pm to 7.30pm
  • Morning yoga is also included five days per week and open to all
  • Local walks and visits & fun evening activities are included
  • Breakfast and lunch or sometimes dinner instead
  • Twin shared accommodation in traditional Greek rooms and apartments

For a supplement there are:

  • Optional excursions
  • Therapeutic treatments
  • Upgrades to single occupancy, subject to availability

Note: Travel is not included. See our travel page

Lmited availability for 15th - 22nd July. Please call the office to book.

Writers' Lab courses   chic, smart, witty

The Writers’ Lab in Skyros island, Greece, offers writers, thinkers and dabblers the opportunity to learn from distinguished writers, share the joys and struggles of the creative process, discover their strengths and polish their skills. Courses are open to novices with a secret passion for writing as much as to writers who already have a book under their belt. The tutors enjoy helping people at any stage of development – so do come with work in progress or just an empty page.

‘The Skyros writing course matched the standard of any college course I’ve known. But what impressed me most was something more subtle, profound, and long-lasting – the ethos of valuing both community and individuality, a way of being together that was inclusive, supportive and creative. I realised that my life was still wide open, crammed with as many opportunities as I wanted to envisage. That’s why I say, without a trace of irony and with huge gratitude, that my holiday on Skyros changed my life.’ Crysse Morrison, The Times

Health & Wellbeing courses  live, love, laugh

Our choices go far beyond those of previous generations. Career and relationship changes, issues of health and sexuality or family life and financial pressures all add to a force that can weigh down on us and cast a shadow over our path in life. Skyros does not provide answers. It will give you, however, all the encouragement you need to leave behind life’s limitations, recharge your passion and go for what really matters to you.

‘Skyros is unlike any other holiday and it is perfect if you want to reassess your life, find out where you’re going, work out  your life goals, deal with problems or take stock. However it works equally well if all you want to do is lie on a beach with a book.’ Sarah Bridge, A Lady of Leisure

‘Skyros isn’t "unreal". In fact, it’s a hell of a lot more real than most people are used to.’ The Sunday Telegraph

Music & Arts courses  skill, inspiration, passion

The Music & Arts courses are offered to all Skyros Centre guests in the late afternoon four afternoons per week. Relaxed, fun and enjoyable, the Music & Arts programme brings everyone from the Writers' Lab and Health & Wellbeing courses together as one group. Enjoy singing, art and other activities in the company of likeminded people. Share experiences, views and ideas and our highly qualified and professional teachers will offer support both within the group and individually.

‘The best arts and crafts holidays. For creative courses abroad, consider one of the centres offered by Skyros’. Sophie Butler, The Daily Telegraph

‘The Rise of the Hobby Holiday. The ‘fly and flop’ holiday is so passé…These days smart women are taking edu-vacations, where learning – not lounging – is the name of the game and Skyros epitomises this trend.’ Kate Birch, Acquarius magazine, UAE

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