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Alternative Holidays

By Yannis Andricopoulos

Over the years as many as twenty thousand people have revelled in the Skyros spirit of adventure, creativity and joy. Many have explored new possibilities, pursued new ideas and unearthed talents they didn’t even suspect they possessed. Others have taken the opportunity to reassess their life, redefine their needs and re-set their priorities.

Unlike a yoga retreat or a Spa, Skyros is not about one thing or another. It is about life itself – a life that makes sense in a world that makes sense. It is about doing rather than having, creating rather than consuming and belonging rather than retreating into the garden of your private world. It is about becoming rather than being.
The world we live is obsessed with ‘more’ because what we have is never good enough, But ‘more’ in the Skyros context means something different from that which our materialistic, consumer culture provides. It means the fulfilment of our potentials as human beings rather than professionals and the pursuit of the best in all fields of human activity. It also means freedom to be who we are, having friends who are there in both good times and bad, and a community in which we feel we belong. It means a beautiful life.

Skyros is fun – it is after all a holiday, and we can always laugh at ourselves. But its vision re-opens the windows to the dream. Recapturing the early days of innocence and affirming what is best in ourselves enobles life. Fulfilling our potential, likewise, asserts man’s power over his creations – the market, machines, technology, systems, ideologies or fundamentalist beliefs – and reclaims our future.

Skyros has no gurus to preach the ‘truth’ and does not intend to provide answers. But it does question and challenge our culture’s assumptions and helps people to get in touch with their gut feelings and do what they need to do to lead a happy and fulfilling life.

If this strikes a chord with you, then join us and experience the Skyros magic for yourself.

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We look forward to welcoming you soon.

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‘The blossoming creativity is truly awe-inspiring. But it's only during the holiday climax, the famous Atsitsa cabaret, that we realise just how far we've come.’ Health & Fitness