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The Skyros Centre

Health and Wellbeing Masterclasses

An adult-only wellness retreat in the heart of Greek village life

Leave behind limitations, recharge your passion and go for what really matters to you

Slay your Dragons with Compassion with Malcolm Stern

Sun 12 - Sun 19 Jul 2020 (7 nts) £745

Malcolm's new book of the same name describes 10 practices for thriving in an unstable world. 

This Masterclass is the first time he will be synthesising those practices into an experiential form. 

Some of the practices involve bearing witness; speaking our truth with integrity and compassion; allowing our relationships to educate us; creating a sangha (a community of like minded others); tuning into and following our “radar” and finding our true life purpose.

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Visioning Your New Life with Dr Dina Glouberman

Sun 19 July - Sat 1 Aug 2020 (13 nts) £1,395

In this Masterclass we will be working with imagery and visualisation to:

  • Recognise the catalyst that can start you moving in a new direction
  • Get a vision of the future that would be right for you
  • Say Yes
  • Map out the steps to your new future, and take a leap of faith into a new reality.

This is also a crash course in working with your ‘genius imagination’ so that you can be your own consultant, therapist, and wise guide. The secret is to educate your imagination to bring together the spiritual and the practical – learn to attend to the whisperings of your heart and soul while being grounded in the real world. 

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Cultivating a Delicious Life with Julia Hollenbery

Sun 2 - Sun 9 Aug 2020 (7 nts) £795

Do you want to know a secret? There is an abundance of pleasure possible, a great deal more than you are probably living right now. It is freely available to everyone without discrimination or expense, hidden in plain sight, within ordinary everyday life. 

Join us for an authoritative, fun and practical journey to more pleasure in your body, relationships and life. Discover the 7 easily accessible medicines you can cultivate to enjoy a more delicious and satisfying life. We will work with dialogue, bodywork, imagery, alchemy, ritual and stillness.

This Masterclass is an invitation to a way of living that includes healing and sexuality, sustainability and the earth, love, creativity and mystery. It is based on the forthcoming book, Universe of Deliciousness.

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Choose Life at Any Risk with Dr Ari Badaines

Sun 9 - Sat 22 Aug 2020 (13 nts) £1,395

STUCK!  Overcoming stuckness, whether in intimate relationships, friendships, career choices etc. which contributes to low self-esteem and a stagnating life, eventually requires entering your ‘Danger Zones’ – the areas you normally avoid because they are perceived as too risky and experienced with anxiety.

This workshop focuses on what fears/anxieties, avoidances, procrastinations, painful memories, past failures etc. that hold you in your comfort zone – where life is safe, but unchallenging and boring, without deep satisfaction. In the group, you may choose to risk taking a small step or a giant leap into your danger zones – with probable outcome that life becomes more exciting and you feel more alive.

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How to do Self Love! with Cate Mackenzie

Sun 23 - Sun 30 Aug 2020 (7 nts) £795

How do you create a life where you can be focussed and centred on you and become more of who you really are? How can you connect with what you feel and know what direction you would like to go in? How would it be to communicate what you feel once you know it and develop a life based on your own choices and inner sense of balance? We will look at these and other questions on our week of self-development and self-soothing.

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Mindfulness with Michael Eales

Sun 30 Aug - Sun 6 Sep 2020 (7 nts) £775

This experiential course is an opportunity to go more deeply into Mindfulness. It is designed for people living busy lives: people with jobs, relationships, families, health concerns, obligations and hopes. The practice of mindfulness is the ultimate “user-friendly” return path to our original Inner Wisdom. It also provides tools for recognizing and reducing unhealthy stress and for becoming aware of our habits of thought and action. This awareness is the first step toward transformation. Using the body and breath as guides, we come to fully inhabit our lives, naturally releasing that which no longer serves us.

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Opening to Intimacy with Tim Broughton

Sun 6 - Sun 13 Sep 2020 (7 nts) £745

In this workshop you are guided on a journey into the realms of touching and being touched physically, emotionally, and spiritually. It is virtually impossible in our culture to grow up free of fear in the realms of emotional, sensual and sexual relating. Our habitual and often unconscious patterns - which we believe can protect us - frequently become barriers to intimacy with the people we meet, with our loved ones, with our own being, and with spirit.

We aim for balanced numbers of women and men for this workshop.

The workshop consists of simple meditations, guided processes, dance and open sharing circles to lead us into real friendship with and acceptance of those patterns - in ourselves and others - and open beyond them. Through opening to our natural innocence we free ourselves into playful, joyful and loving relating. 

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Compassionate Resilience with Henny Flynn

Sun 13 - Sun 20 Sep 2020 (7 nts) £675

During this five day course, we’ll explore how we can grow in resilience and why self-compassion is an essential component to that growth. 

Resilience is a core requirement for good mental health. It helps us manage challenges, bounce back from set-backs and look forward with fresh energy and enthusiasm. Whether at work or home, it's often celebrated as something we should all be aspiring to. 

And all this is good. But at times it can also be misunderstood. 

It's thought provoking, mindful, enjoyable and proactive!

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