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Participants stay in rooms close to the Centre that combine modern comforts with a Skyrian ambience. Some are charming rooms within traditional houses either in the village or in the beach area of magazia. Participants normally share a twin room. Single rooms are bookable in advance at £175 for a one week holiday and £325 for a two week holiday.

Food & drink

Adapted from the villagers’ traditional diet, meals are based on fresh fruit and vegetables, natural yoghurt, grains and cheese. They are eaten on the Centre’s terrace which enjoys a panoramic view over the sea. Food is prepared by Vasso, about whom writer Michèle Roberts wrote, ‘Where is heaven? Here on earth, in Skyros, in Vasso’s kitchen’. The Centre is half board (usually breakfast and lunch). In the evenings there are plenty of options to choose from in the village, from traditional tavernas to sophisticated restaurants serving modern Greek cuisine (£7 - £12).

Daily life

The day starts with gentle yoga followed by breakfast. The main course is held between 10.30am and 1.30pm. After lunch one can stroll down to the sea or have a siesta, walk in the countryside or visit the local museum. The Music and Arts programme starts around 6pm and is open to all. Full details will be provided at the welcome meeting. 

Community structures

Co-listening >>

Co-listening is a Skyros tradition that involves meeting a partner once a day for a period agreed upon between the two partners, in which each is given an equal amount of time to talk while the other listens, and to listen whiIe the other talks. The basic format is that one talks and the other listens, then they switch roles, and give each other feedback. This is a completely safe and powerful way of working together, as long as the basic rules are followed. Co-listening shouId be clearly distinguished from co-counselling which has a similar pattern of switching roles, but does have a different format and involves different kinds of interventions. Read more here.

Œkos >>

Œkos in Greek stands for home/family – the words economy and ecology derive partly from it. In our context œkos means ‘family’ group, the temporary home base of like-minded people. Safe, warm and intimate, it’s there to provide simple lines of communication between people, support the drive of its members to fulfill their potentials and help revitalise the community and bring back our sense of common purpose.

Œkos is about both inner and outer change. They are the two sides of the same coin, for the discomforts of our time are as much ill-effects of our social values as the latter are ill-effects of our individual perceptions. Read more here.



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