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The Skyros Centre, home to the Writer’s Lab, Health & Wellbeing and The Art Studio, nestles on the hillside at the edge of Skyros village. The Centre’s courtyard, shaded by fig and pomegranate trees, has a panoramic view of the valley and the Aegean. The long, sandy beach is a pleasant ten minute walk away with cafes and bars delivering drinks direct to your sun lounger.

Here you can step back from everyday routines immerse yourself in absorbing activities and relax in the company of new friends. There is plenty of time to get a massage, spend time on the long, sandy beaches or sit in a cafe and watch village life pass by. As one participant wrote, ‘Skyros is sunshine for the soul’.

‘Hand on my heart, those were two of the most magical weeks of my life. I came away from the retreat with a renewed zest for life, feeling empowered and also having my faith in people – good, honest, emotionally healthy people – restored. I made friends from all over the world whom I’m still in contact with.’ Andrea Anastasiou, Scribble, Snap, Travel



Skyros is an island of outstanding natural beauty, lying in the Sporades islands off the east coast of mainland Greece. It is the most remote of the islands and this has helped preserve its distinct Greek character. The Skyros Centre is situated in the North East coast of Skyros island. The village, built high up to evade the clutches of Mediterranean pirates, is accessible only by foot through narrow, cobblestoned streets

‘I did think 'this is heaven'. Gaynor Faye, InStyle magazine

Activities & courses

The day begins with early morning yoga followed by breakfast and then, the centrepiece of the day, the late morning courses. These run for three hours per day, for five days. Choose one holiday course per week from any of the three programmes that run alongside each other. Book in advance to secure your favourites. Once you’re at the Skyros Centre and subject to space you can, if you choose, change your mind and attend a different course in the second week.

In the evenings people usually meet for dinner in the village. Whether one goes for stuffed tomatoes or grilled fish at a taverna by the sea, dinner is almost a spiritual experience. With the night always young, there may well be dancing until late or walking in the moonlight through the magical landscape.

‘The most wonderful legacy is the memory of having laughed more in two weeks that I can remember since childhood.’  Woman Magazine

I have had one life changing holiday on the Greek island of Skyros... I had just given up my job with Shell. I wasn't quite sure what to do with my life, so I enrolled on a creative writing course and learnt how to do massage, in the hope that something would occur to me. People kept saying that I was really funny, and ought to be a comedian, so I thought I would give it a go.’  Jimmy Carr, The Sunday Times

‘Skyros personal development breaks could quite literally change your life.’ Cathy Winston, Huffington Post


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