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Part of the reason I came back here is Vasso's cooking, delicious. I loved this holiday!
Kerry Taylor
21-08-2015 03:10:24AM
There is space to be who you are, with no obligation join in when you don't feel the need to but actually the hours together are the best. Surprisingly easy to go so deep so fats and so safely.
Anna Wille
21-08-2015 03:06:36AM
A great place to relax, meet people, enjoy Greek culture, have fun, learn something new. Enjoyed the experience, met wonderful people, some of whom will be my friends for life!
21-08-2015 03:01:40AM
Claire & Richard were incredible hosts! They made such an effort to include everyone and to chat to everyone. Lovely trips too! Thank you very much, it was a lovely week!
21-08-2015 02:59:47AM
Thank you Skyros.
Jessie Simmons
21-08-2015 02:55:57AM
I bloody loved it! Will definitely come back!
Alex Pitt
21-08-2015 02:55:25AM
Enjoyed it immensely!
21-08-2015 02:53:45AM
Amazing! Life changing ... I think. I felt I learnt a lot and felt that it was a creative, warm environment.
21-08-2015 02:53:24AM
I had no preconceived expectations & was very happy to go with the flow. A very relaxed week & I learnt a bit about myself as well!
21-08-2015 02:51:01AM
Claire & Richard could not have done more to make us feel welcome and well looked after.
Joan Hunt
21-08-2015 02:47:04AM
I will be back and will definitely recommend the Centre to others.
Liz Moss
21-08-2015 02:45:05AM
Loved Marrakech. Skyros made it possible to experience Marrakech from the inside whilst feeling safe and cared for. I came back feeling positive and optimistic - and looking forward to the next Skyros holiday.
Linda Jones
07-04-2015 11:09:50AM
I loved the weekend at The Grange and the Art from The Heart workshop. The teacher, Stoney Parsons, was an inspiration. I learned lots of new skills & feel that I freed up my art, and will continue the workshop skills when I get home. I hope to come again to The Grange. It's a perfect break from my busy London life.
03-12-2014 12:27:18PM
Fabulous stay at The Grange which offers wonderful food, accommodation and seaside strolls while changing our lives with fantastic guidance from Michael on Mindful Living.
03-12-2014 12:27:07PM
An excellent place - feels very safe & secure for single people. Courses are great as a precursor to whole subject. Skyros quality in every area - rooms, food, content, location - heaven on earth! Thank you.
03-12-2014 12:26:57PM
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