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Havana, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is one of the oldest, grandest and safest cities in the Americas. It is also one of the loveliest. Its beguiling ice-cream coloured colonial buildings, the high concentration of museums and galleries, the stunning vibrancy of Cuban music and dance and the charismatic habaneros give it a cultural punch well beyond its size and economic status. Add to all this the tropical climate and you have a potent cocktail.


Havana is the capital of Cuba with an explosion of colour an art. It is renowned for the Spanish colonial architecture found in the 16th century area of Havana, Old Havana: the maritime museum, Castillo de la Real is a great example of this. Havana is the largest city in Cuba and the third largest metropolitan area in the Caribbean.

Holiday activities and courses

Havana is the perfect place to learn Cuba’s national dance – Salsa. Our authentic Cuban style Salsa classes are facilitated by a top dance tutor. Each participant has a local Cuban dance partner who will always be there to mentor each person’s progress and ensure a high quality learning experience. John Harris will be your tour guide.

The day is easy-going. It begins with some gentle yoga followed by a delicious breakfast, the community meeting and then a talk on Cuba. Participants can stroll leisurely through the city, where they can get a glimpse of life without McDonald’s, and enjoy Havana’s rebel nature, which is a crucial part of its allure. Salsa classes are held in the afternoon.

Evenings offer balmy weather and a chance to walk the many and varied shopping streets of La Habana Vieja, the Old Havana, visit dazzling nightclubs and shows, and even dance Salsa in the streets!

The holiday programme includes a half day Havana city tour and optional excursions to beaches, a traditional cigar factory and local beauty spots.

The Cubans, even when life comes with plenty of grit, gripes and its share of inequalities, have never lost their passion for partying. The nightlife of their capital is legendary. If you haven’t danced Salsa under a Havana moon, what are you waiting for?

‘The salsa course (in Cuba) is more than just a dancefest. As well as regular two-hour dance classes, students are educated about Cuban history and culture and enjoy a range of excursions, from visits to museums and cigar factories to evenings in jazz and – of course – salsa clubs’. Ute Junker, Financial Review, Australia

One thing's for sure - dancing salsa will never be the same in England, and after the last of many mojitos on our final night, we all agree that the only thing to do is come back. Spirit & Destiny

‘It felt brave, going on a salsa dancing holiday to Cuba on my own, but as soon as I checked into the iconic Habana Libre Hotel, once Fidel Castro's headquarters following the revolution in 1959, it felt thrilling too. When I met the rest of the group for mojitos in the 1950s-style hotel bar on the first evening, I was soon enjoying myself. By the end of the trip, no one wanted to leave. And, eight months on, we're all in touch, passionate about salsa and still going to classes in the UK.’ Woman & Home

Many thanks to Melanie Bass, Michael Frazer and Ron Addelman for their wonderful photos. 


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