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  • There are no direct flights to Skyros Island from the UK
  • Instead, book the domestic flight with departing Athens for Skyros at 07.25 on Saturday, the first day of the holiday
  • Your international flight needs to arrive into Athens on Friday. Spend the night in Athens or take a late night flight
  • If the last day of your holiday is Saturday (one-week holidays), book the 08.30 flight back to Athens that day
  • If the last day of your holiday is Friday (two-week holidays) book our coach and ferry transfer or stay an extra night
  • Book a flight departing Athens after 11.10 (if taking Aegean flight on Saturday) or after 15.00 (if taking our coach and ferry transfer back to Athens airport on Friday)
  • As Aegan Air flights sell out please contact us for travel options.



Arrive into Athens anytime on Friday. See below for recommended flights connecting with our courtesy coach to The Dorian Inn Hotel. Spend the night in Athens. Book with us to stay at The Dorian Inn or overnight independently.

On Saturday morning transfer to Athens airport to catch the 07.25 domestic flight to Skyros island. On arrival you will be met by your representative and transferred to your chosen centre where breakfast will be served.

*** The Aegean Air flight to Skyros is only 40 minutes. It carries 78 passengers and does sell out quickly. Book your seats as soon as possible. ( ***

If the domestic flight is full, we will offer an overland coach and ferry transfer from central Athens to Skyros island, (approximate journey time 4-5 hours). Please call us for more information. 


  • British Airways. London Heathrow. Departure 13.15. Arrival 18.55
  • Aegean Air. London Heathrow. Departure 12.15. Arrival 17.50
  • Aegean Air. Dublin. Departure 11.20. Arrival 17.05



Book the Aegean Air flight departing Skyros Island to Athens at 08.30 (suitable for one week holidays only). If taking a two week holiday or the domestic flight is full for the one week holiday, book our overland coach and ferry transfer from Skyros to Athens airport. Approximate journey time is 4-5 hours and will require an early start to catch the morning ferry.

Book a flight that departs from Athens airport after 11.10 (if taking the domestic flight on Saturday) or after 15.00 (if taking the overland, coach and ferry transfer on Friday), see below for recommended flights to London.

If you would like to discuss your travel options further, then please do not hesitate to call us on 01983 86 55 66.


Friday Departures (two week holidays):

  • British Airways. London Heathrow. Departure 15.25. Arrival 17.20
  • Ryanair. London Stansted. Departure 15.00. Arrival 17.00
  • Aegean Air. London Heathrow. Departure 19.15. Arrival 21.10
  • Easyjet. London Gatwick. Departure 21.05. Arrival 22.55
  • Easyjet. Manchester. Departure 21.50. Arrival 23.55
  • Easyjet. Bristol. Departure 20.00. Arrival 22.05

Saturday Departures (one week holidays):

  • Aegean Air. London Heathrow. Departure 13.30. Arrival 15.30
  • British Airways. London Heathrow. Departure 19.55. Arrival 21.45
  • Easyjet. London Gatwick. Departure 21.05. Arrival 22.50
  • Wizz Air. London Luton. Departure 12.25. Arrival 14.05
  • Aegean Air. Manchester. Departure 20.15. Arrival 22.20
  • Aer Lingus. Dublin. Departure 12.40. Arrival 15.10
  • Easyjet. Edinburgh. Departure 22.25. Arrival 00.50


Independent travel

If you are not taking the available Skyros transfers and would like to take the overland route to the island, then you can take the Athens – Kymi public bus from KTEL Evias, 260 Liosion Street. In Kymi you take the Skyros ferry to the port of Linaria on Skyros Island from where you can take a taxi to Atsitsa. For more detailed information on independent travel, please contact us.

For the current Skyros ferry timetable, please visit the ferry company's website at

Please bear in mind independent travel can involve multiple taxi journeys.


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