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People live simply and comfortably in Atsitsa. Stay, as most choose to do, in twin-bedded huts. Huts are homely and rustic, set amidst Atsitsa's lush gardens and shaded by pine and fruit trees. Limited single occupancy of a hut is available for £125 for one week and £235 for a two week holiday. Share a twin room in the house for a supplement of £70 for one week and £130 for a two week holiday. Most rooms in the house are ensuite.

Food & drink

Atsitsa Bay has gained such an outstanding reputation for its cuisine in terms of both quality and quantity that some people claim they return just for the food! Meals are Mediterranean in style using locally sourced seasonal fruits and vegetables, natural yoghurt and cheeses, pulses and grains. Meat or fish is usually served in the evenings but vegetarians and special diets are always catered for. Meals are on a full board basis. All this along with tempting desserts too! Free tea and coffee are available all day and fizzy drinks and alcohol can be purchased at the bar. 

Daily life

Atsitsa’s lively community is friendly and bursting with life. Courses, facilitators, fabulous food and the beautiful environment are, naturally, all central to the experience. But for many the real value and essence of a spell in Atsitsa is to be found in its rich community life and the opportunity to meet a wide variety of interesting people. Life in Atsitsa is informal and relaxed with a dress code to match. Children are welcome during the school holidays.

Guide itinerary

    07.15: Early morning courses
    08.30: Breakfast and community affairs
    11.15: Mid-morning courses
    13.30: Lunch and siesta/beach time
    17.00: Afternoon courses
    20.00: Dinner and nightlife

Community structures

Skyros traditions of demos (exchanging news), œkos (small ‘family’ groups) and co-listening (the option of meeting a partner each day) all help to create a vibrant community life of which everyone feels a part.

Œkos >>

Œkos in Greek stands for home/family – the words economy and ecology derive partly from it. In our context œkos means ‘family’ group, the temporary home base of like-minded people. Safe, warm and intimate, it’s there to provide simple lines of communication between people, support the drive of its members to fulfill their potentials and help revitalise the community and bring back our sense of common purpose.

Œkos is about both inner and outer change. They are the two sides of the same coin, for the discomforts of our time are as much ill-effects of our social values as the latter are ill-effects of our individual perceptions. Read more here.

Co-listening >>

Co-listening is a Skyros tradition that involves meeting a partner once a day for a period agreed upon between the two partners, in which each is given an equal amount of time to talk while the other listens, and to listen whiIe the other talks. The basic format is that one talks and the other listens, then they switch roles, and give each other feedback. This is a completely safe and powerful way of working together, as long as the basic rules are followed. Co-listening shouId be clearly distinguished from co-counselling which has a similar pattern of switching roles, but does have a different format and involves different kinds of interventions. Read more here.


Atsitsa has its own cafe-bar where you can sip cool drinks, watch the glorious sunsets over the sea and dance the night away. Evening activities include spontaneous events such as parties, story-telling, games, talks or comedy shows. Some people just talk until the early hours or swim by moonlight. On the free day many choose to go to Skyros town where there are a number of clubs, bars, and tavernas to choose from.

Average temperature

July and August are the hottest months in Skyros with temperatures averaging around 30 degrees celcius. Light showers are possible but rare. In September the temperature may drop to 20 degrees and cool evenings can occur. Take a look at holiday-weather for more information. 


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