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Do I need to be of a certain age to join?

Not at all. All ages are represented, from 5 to 85 but approximately 70 percent of all our guests are aged 35 - 65.

Are vegetarians and other dietary requirements catered for?

For all of our locations we can cater for specific dietary needs. Please let us know when you book if you have any special dietary requirements and we will do our utmost to accommodate you.

Is it okay to join a Skyros holiday on my own?

Definitely, the majority of our participants are solo travellers and our holidays are designed with this in mind. Our session fee prices are twin share as standard and we pair people together who are of the same gender and of similar age where possible, cutting out the need for single supplements. Over 70% of our clients are solo travellers and so you are always in good company if you come on your own. Couples, friends and families are, of course, welcome too.

I am a returning customer, do I qualify for a discount?

Once you have been on one of our Skyros holiday you become a 'Friend of Skyros' and you are entitled to a £50 discount off a one week holiday or £75 off a two week holiday.

How can I contact you to discuss my holidays?

You can call the office on 01983 865566 or using our 'chat' option available through the Skyros website.

How do I book a holiday with you?

You can book a Skyros holiday either on-line through the Skyros website; just click the 'Book Online' tab at the top right of the page or you can call the office on 01983 865566.

Where can I find details of your cancellation policy?

You can find details of our cancellation policy by clicking here.

How do I get to Skyros if the domestic flight is full?

Don't worry. Anytime the Skyros domestic flight becomes full, we will arrange an overland transfer to/from Skyros. Please refer to our Atsitsa travel page or our Skyros Centre travel page.

Is Skyros ABTA registered?

Skyros is not ABTA registered but, in line with government regulations, Skyros has insurance with International Passenger Protection Ltd.


Atsitsa Bay

The Skyros Centre

What is the difference between the two holiday Centres in Greece?

Atsitsa, surrounded by sea and pine forest, offers a wide range of courses and simple but comfortable accommodation. The focus is its community life. Both Centres include yoga classes and options for massage treatments.

The Skyros Centre offers more specialised courses and higher accommodation standards. Life there is merged with that of the village. Both centres include yoga classes and options for massage treatments.

What is included in the session fee price?

In Atsitsa the price includes twin share accommodation, three meals a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner),  a choice of up to three courses per day, as well as evening activities and events.

At the Skyros Centre the session fee includes up to three courses per day, including morning yoga, a choice of specialised, in-depth Health and Wellbeing and Writers' Lab courses, breakfast, lunch and twin share accommodation in the village or by the sea.

How do I choose my courses and activities?

In Atsitsa, courses are chosen once you are on your holiday. If there is a specific course you would like to attend then please do contact the office before you travel. Early morning ‘drop-in’ classes run for an hour before breakfast. Mid-morning and late afternoon courses run for two hours, some requiring commitment for four days whilst others are ‘drop-in’.

For holidays at the Skyros Centre, book in advance for either the Health & Wellbeing or Writers' Lab. Choose your course when booking online or confirm at the time of booking if over the telephone. There is also early morning yoga and a late afternoon  Music and Arts course which is open to all.

Are the courses suitable for beginners?

The courses are suitable for all levels. Our facilitators are experienced at teaching mixed level classes and all courses will be tailored to the groups requirements.

The courses are suitable for all levels. Our facilitators are experienced at teaching mixed level classes and all courses will be tailored to the groups requirements.

What is the balance between free time and course time?

The programme in Atsitsa is designed for you to do as little or as much as you wish. Courses are available in the early morning (up to one hour), mid-morning (2 hours) and late afternoon (2 hours). 

At the Skyros Centre your main course will  run for 3 hours mid-morning. The Music and Arts course will run late afternoon between 6pm and 7.30pm. Early morning yoga is also available.

What are my accommodation options?

In Atsitsa, choose to stay in the house or in one of our rustic huts in the luscious gardens of Atsitsa. The huts are simple, comfortable, and come with an electrical socket, mosquito net, electric light and clothes hangers. The huts are just moments away from the sea. There are two sets of shower and bathroom facilities  on the site. Most people choose to share a twin hut. Single hut upgrades are available for £125 per one week holiday and £235 per two week holiday (subject to availability). Upgrades to a twin share in the house with ensuite accommodation is available for £70 on a one week holiday and £130 on a two week holiday (subject to availability). 

At the Skyros Centre participants stay in rooms close to the Centre that combine modern comforts with a Skyrian ambience. Rooms are ensuite, and in keeping with the traditional and charming Greek design. The styles vary but all have air conditioning and a kettle as standard. Participants normally share a twin room. Single occupancy is available for a supplement of £175 per one week holiday and £325 per two week holiday.

How do I get to Skyros island?

Please follow this link to our Atsitsa Bay travel page or call us on 01983 86 55 66. You will need to book both the international and domestic flight yourself as Skyros is not a flight provider. 

Please follow this link to our Skyros Centre travel page or call us on 01983 86 55 66. You will need to book both the international and domestic flight yourself as Skyros is not a flight provider. 

Are there any beaches?

Atsitsa Bay has miles of stunning coastline to explore, with secluded coves, inlets, and beaches. The nearest place to swim is from the rocks just in front of the house. The nearest pebble beach is a 5 minute walk away, and the nearest sandy beach, a 20 minute walk. There are no swimming pools. The bay is perfect for snorkelling. Atsitsa bay is clean and safe and usually very calm.

There are two long sandy beaches 10-15 minutes walk from The Skyros Centre/village. The large public beach has tavernas providing drinks, food and shade.

Can I bring my children?

We welcome children from 22nd July to 1st September this year at our Atsitsa Bay centre. Childcare provision is available in for those aged 5 – 15 years and there are also some courses that the older children may be able to take part in (subject to the agreement of the facilitator). Children aged between 5 and 15 receive a 50% discount off the session fee price.

There is no childcare available at the Skyros Centre.

Will I have access to the internet?

In Atsitsa there is limited internet access due to the location. There is a laptop with ethernet connection you can use in the bar area, open to all. 

The Skyros Centre has wireless internet access. Skyros village has many bars and cafes which offer wireless internet and a couple of internet cafes.

Will my mobile phone work?

In Atsitsa mobile phone coverage is extremely limited and it is unlikely that your phone will work. There is a phone box at the entrance to Atsitsa and phone cards are for sale in the bar.

Mobile phones usually work in the village and at the Skyros Centre.







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